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Open Source, Evolution, Ecology and Technology. We had a great first show, thanks a lot to Bill and John, for helping us kick start the New Year, and this project.

Talk about Minds Organic Marketing. This OR image came out before I was able to upload the interview on minds.com. For everyone to see. Thanks to  @Land_Minds @TheWildCard @GOVspiders @Anonymity .


The Land Miners Game. Coming soon! The Pirate Radio Minds Game.


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Minds.com Co-Founders Interview


We are recruiting all free men and women, who want digital lives of autonomy and adventure, directing their creative ships where they wished, staying in idyllic islands for however long they wanted and taking whatever digital treasure they need to survive.

Attempting a experience of information beyond rules and regulations, boundaries, borders and patrols. Sail the digital sea with Pirate Radio!

Minds.com Co-Founders Interview

The interview will start at 2:00 PM EST 11:00 AM PST 1/4/2016

Minds.com Co-Founders Bill & John Interview on Pirate-Radio-Podcasts.com


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Pirate Radio Midnight Awakening Dawn of a new year.


Father Time, Baby new year, Pirate Radio Midnight.


This was New Years eve, Show its a marathon and Pirate Style.

Its about 8 hours of behind the scene and the inner works of the Pirate Radio Ship.
Thanks to everyone that joined in the fun. And we Are developing a Podcast for Monday so stay tune for more




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