Operation Secret Santa (2017)

Formally kicking off on December 15th, Operation Secret Santa (#OSS) is a world grassroots, “strictly people driven”, Christmas charity telethon-styled INTERNET campaign.


Referral (“word of mouth“) marketing is central to its functioning; with ALL money, donations, resources and the like going DIRECTLY to the needy who are selectively sponsored.

Referral Marketing
The 4 main categories of participants we are LOOKING for include:

1) “LIVE” streaming WEB show hosts, speakers, producers & performers;


2) “Operator” ELVES ( making their lists & checking them twice ),

via e.g. https://appear.in/christmas.com

3) Secret Santa “sponsors”; and

4) people in ANY place across the world who find themselves in need.

This year we added a MAJOR NEW “Charity Auction” Feature

Organizers will continue, in 2018, to work on mobilizing & building upon all our past years preliminary success.  Donations are capped at a suggested price value limit of $1000.

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The elections are finally over and the wait for January 20th begins. Donald J. Trump will be inaugurated and his select establishment will be instated. Trump offered countless promises during the election cycle to which a large degree of people waved off as in the moment political banter, however there were many that he stuck by and the people who voted for him are expecting to see.
Along with the good propositions, there were many concerning policies and connections surrounding Trump that have me and many of you concerned. Before I get into that, here are my pick for top ten campaign promises we shouldn’t forget after Trump takes office.

Video version here

1. Prosecute Hillary Clinton

In almost every rally and many of his public appearances and interviews, Donald Trump either openly stated or hinted to the prosecution of Hillary Clinton for her numerous crimes being overlooked by the legal system.

This to me is the biggest reason Donald Trump received so much support from even people who absolutely despised him. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”   If Donald Trump fails or even neglects to follow up on any other promise than this, many people will still see it as a vote well spent.

2. Allow Russia to deal with Syria, and to get along with Russia

As it is well known, Trumps stance on Russia has been relatively friendly compared to that of Hillary Clinton who called for policy’s that involved direct conflict with the world’s second largest super power.
Trump has called for the coordination of the U.S and Russia to combat ISIS and that “it wouldn’t be so bad if we were friends with Russia.”
I will admit that this was my main reason why I hoped Trump would win in contrast to Hillary, because the actions of a third world war would affect everyone on Earth. That’s a lot to hold on your shoulders.

3. Build a wall along the southern border

This is probably what Trump is most known for and most ridiculed for with many people not understanding what why or how. The wall is simply an upgrade from the 1,900 miles of fence that is already there. The fence is lightly monitored and riddle with holes from poor up keep. In many places it is as easy as walking across (which I know from living in Texas a good portion of my life) Trump also stated that Mexico would pay for the wall. In theory he would hold the 25 Million dollars a year going from Illegals in the U.S back to Mexico If they refuse to pay for its construction. The money funneling being extremely damaging to the U.S markets.

4. Get rid of NAFTA and the TPP

NAFTA, which Donald Trump has continually stated was “the worst trade deal of all time” has led to loss of millions of Jobs now being outsourced to other country’s as it was deigned to do, was created and forced through by the Clinton crime family.
The TPP (in which again was being endorsed by the Clinton’s who had full intention to see It through regardless of the fact that it was hidden from public viewing), Is packed to the brim with constitution shredding policy that enables foreign corporations with the same rights as an American citizen. This being the Globalist dream of an avenue to legal monopolization as well as the tool needed to crack down on free speech and the only thing keeping them in line.

The nightmare which is Obamacare has turned out to be nothing more than a sugar coated lie intended to eliminate private medical insurers to further the neo communist agenda of making everyone dependent on the state. It cannot possibly be fixed or improved as it was never intended to succeed.
I feel like this is the most likely promise on the list to be fulfilled, however replacing it with a Trumpcare is not what we need. What we need is a loosening if not repudiation of government instituted Health Care regulations which will grow the economy with the free market competition as Trump has hinted at.

6. Get rid of Common Core

Trump has now stated many times that he thinks Common Core was a “Disaster” and for good reason. Common Core is just a big step in a process that has been going on since John D. Rockefeller started buying off the heads of Colleges and Universities. ( I won’t go into details for the sake of time. You can find out more here. )  The basic Idea of these Common Core policies is to create docile factory workers by putting a lid on potential and rewarding underachievers. Not to mention the Indoctrination and false and twisted History our children are being exposed to.

7. Deport the almost 11 million immigrants illegally living in the United States

One of the most shocking things to the political left was Donald’s pledge to deport all the undocumented immigrants to their country of origin. It may shock you to know that this is something already required by law and every other modern country in the world does, but for some reason its racist if we do it.
Obama deported almost 3 million illegals during his presidency so saying you want to do a better job of enforcing the law should not be seen as a controversy.
I see this task however not being an easy one and could take all 4 years to even come near the 11 million.

8. Rebuild the country’s aging infrastructure

This promise sounds really great and it is hard to argue against, however it can be easily abused to gain more funds for very little in return in which it will be up to you to hold him accountable for.

9. Extreme vetting of  Wahhabi’s from entering the United States

Originally, banning all Muslims entering the country was the claim that Trump was throwing around after a string of terror attacks in the U.S and Europe. After the extreme backlash, he later revised it to something he calls “extreme vetting” which looks for radically tendencies in all immigrants entering the country. The largest group of these radicals being Saudi Arabian bred Wahhabi’s which are the ones that make up the proxy army’s in the Middle East. Trump loves to call them “Radical Islamic Terrorist” which is the simple way to put it. Although a large number of the attacks in the U.S are staged events, actual radicals inspired from these events should not be given open access. Keep in mind however that it was the policy and intent of the Bush/Clinton establishments to create this monster we now have to deal with. Keep that in mind before writing off all Muslims which the majority of are peaceful.

10. On the first day in office, terminate President Obama’s executive orders related to immigration and gun control.

The executive orders include loosening the restrictions on obtaining work visa which take millions of low paying jobs from Americans including students. This has made getting low paying jobs almost as hard as higher paying ones, which has led to college degrees being less valuable. Another order, which led to the creation of Sanctuary cites has created hot beds for crime. This being because of the lack of jobs, led immigrants to turn to crime as an alternative. Grouping of certain culture’s in one area also prevents assimilation and even further leads to crime as a ‘us versus them’ culture arises. Just look at the crime rates in any of these cities.

My Issues with Trump
1. Ruidi Giuliani as Attorney General:

Rudy Giuliani, the former Mayor of NYC, who is one of the biggest suspects in the 9/11 false flag is in Trumps inner circle and is looking likely to our next Attorney General. Giuliani has been connected to the pre-planning and destruction of all the evidence left behind after the collapse of the Twin Towers on 9/11. Why on Earth would someone who is going after the criminal establishment bring someone responsible for 9/11 into power? Maybe to appease the Neocons for the time being? I don’t know and it seems like wishful thinking at best. Don’t forget that Donald knows and has admitted he does not believe the official story. Something he has now flip flopped on.

2. Take the oil:

Donald Trump has mentioned on several occasions that we should have taken the oil when we went into Iraq. Although the part where he mentions doing it to keep it from ISIS sounds good, in turn, what you are doing is taken away a country’s largest assets and industry it needs to rebuild after a war we started in the first place. Taking the Oil is criminal and if Trump does it, he will be seen as such.

3. AIPAC and Trumps Jewish inner circle :

Many out there believe Trump is the answer to taking down the Zionist embedded in our government. Something I have mentioned in other videos and hope is true; sadly, the evidence does not make that prospect seem very likely. Again, we can only hope at this point that somehow it is a ploy used to position himself in power.

4. Strengthen the military:

The U.S Military Budget is currently larger than the next 7 countries combined. Yes, we supply defense to most NATO countries, as Trump has pointed out making these countries pull their fair share, but this does not change the fact that we should not be the world’s police, nor do they want us to be.
If our Military is so antiquated compared to Russia, which has a tenth of our budget, than more funding is the last of our worries. What is our Military spending on to the point to where we cannot compete with Russia or China?

5. Close up that Internet:

Following the false flag terror attacks in San Bernardino and others, Trump started suggesting getting “the smartest and the brightest people” to crack down on the radicalization of Americans through the internet by vaguely stating that he is going to “Close up the internet”. You and I know what that sounds like, meaning it can only lead to more censorship and likely a crackdown on patriots and websites labeled as “conspiracy theorists” sites. Also keep in mind Trump said we should boycott Apple until they create a backdoor for the government to access personal information stored on I Phones.

6. No Fly No Buy:

So the No Fly No Buy has been something the he has been stating again, ever since San Bernardino. Only recently did he state that he will “talk with gun owners” about law abiding citizens wrongly being placed on the list. Regardless, this being suggested at all lets you know that gun control laws are not off the table for Trump, and he could very well continue Obama’s trend. Definitely something to watch out for.

7. Hillary did a good Job:

So in Donald Trump’s victory speech early Wednesday morning, he started off with congratulating and thanking Hillary Clinton on a good campaign, and her service to our country. Now we know he knows just how destructive and criminal she has been to us and the country’s her policy effects, because it was the keystone of his campaign. The question here is, is this a foreshadowing of things to come, or is this Trump bidding his time and playing along until he gets into power on the 20th?

Donald J. Trump will continue to be a wild card after he takes office, but what is for certain, actions speak louder than words, and it wouldn’t be the first time someone slipped into power under the Globalists nose, for example, Vladimir Putin in Russia.
At this point in time, it is up to us to hold him accountable for his promises to the American voters and the rest of the world. Regardless of if he is legitimate or not, he has given hope of real change to millions of Americans that will light the fire when and if he fails to deliver.

Do not forget these things as it is up to the people to restore America to its Constitutional principles that truly made it great. No one man can achieve this goal, for it will take us all to prevail.

Keep your eyes open. This has been, Tyranny Unmasked.

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