Operation Secret Santa (2017)

Formally kicking off on December 15th, Operation Secret Santa (#OSS) is a world grassroots, “strictly people driven”, Christmas charity telethon-styled INTERNET campaign.


Referral (“word of mouth“) marketing is central to its functioning; with ALL money, donations, resources and the like going DIRECTLY to the needy who are selectively sponsored.

Referral Marketing
The 4 main categories of participants we are LOOKING for include:

1) “LIVE” streaming WEB show hosts, speakers, producers & performers;


2) “Operator” ELVES ( making their lists & checking them twice ),

via e.g. https://appear.in/christmas.com

3) Secret Santa “sponsors”; and

4) people in ANY place across the world who find themselves in need.

This year we added a MAJOR NEW “Charity Auction” Feature

Organizers will continue, in 2018, to work on mobilizing & building upon all our past years preliminary success.  Donations are capped at a suggested price value limit of $1000.

Operation Secret Santa 2017

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