Whoaa :)) 

We got a lots of work these days! Huh, how's everyone? :D

#MindsGaming is running full-time I believe 🙂 You can check our updates on Minds and on our main website https://mindsonline.club/ , read our blogs about Minds updates also, we’re always open for suggestion and collaboration!

Setting up your wallet for tokens #MindsGaming

Just Token

A Helpful Guide to Minds Token #MindsGaming 

What is new in the Community is also

Minds Geek Squad 

and more on our services You can find here

It's my anniversary! I joined Minds 2 years ago & WordPress one year ago! Pirates got me here, so thank You!! My blogging moved to Života Naših Istine Demoni .
As for our biggest update ever  we bring, as always, something to our Members :

We are glad to bring this to all our subscribers and want to thank you all for you mass support to make this happen, we hope to be able to expand this idea with more support from you in the future and are always looking for ideas, comments, and even complaints about our community so we can improve.