Ahoy, me Hearties!  Hello and welcome! Check out About Me , from Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina and I’m sailing digital seas with MindsGaming Community (Minds) http://www.mindsonline.club/  And now, with Pirates also!

What should one artist or writer do when Words fail? Fail in its meaning? Usually, we create something different, which is incapable to talk, but it has so much to say. That’s where all Magic happens. In our colors, which paint the World. Between the Lines of obvious, we seek and call our beloved, through the Universe, similar and haunting, willing and also seeking for us. The same. And we never care for acceptance, but it’s there. And there’s a little Impulse we’re haunting and that’s haunting us back. Meaning. But, not of the Words itself. In the Silence we meet. And talk. And find Balance. In us and in the outer space, somewhere in between. Where nothing is and everything becomes… Just like the Moon.

You can easily find me; from Minds, Facebook, G+, Yeopen, Pinterest, Clickasnap (viewing images supports me, also Paypal) and many other! Života Naših Istine Demoni (Demons of Truth in our Lives) is my first published book (free); translated to blogs on my website.  BLOGS Many projects are on their way and I’m so happy already contributing around the World! Always feel free to contact me! Blessings~