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Friday, October 2nd – Episode #202

CANNASENSE™ World Round-table

Kicking off our October calendar, we’re joined by a handful of speakers in our 1st ever CANNASENSE™ World Round-table.

Working to establish a clearer picture of CANNASENSE™ as a whole, we’ll further aim to address all things relating to both CBD and THC medical solutions in the modern world.

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BIO INFO: CannaSense™ is a revolutionary new company now providing an avenue for people in all 50 states to legally become a medical cannabis patient.

Their mission is to educate potential and existing patients on the benefits of medical cannabis, and how to safely and legally access it at an affordable price. Seniors, veterans, disabled people, and almost anyone seeking pain relief can potentially benefit from medical cannabis.

Helping frame cannabis issues within a social perspective, CannaSense™ further shares important technical, historical, and medical information from across the world. With information rooted in science and medicine, they effectively use facts and studies to dismiss history’s politically driven “reefer madness” propaganda.

CannaSense™ pledges to continue its mission until safe access to quality medicine is guaranteed to all qualified patients.



Friday, October 9th – Episode #203

John Lennon’s 80th Birthday!

Join us this week as we remember the life, musical career, and death of the Beatles John Lennon.




Friday, October 23rd – Episode #204

The Infinite Imaginarium (w/ Meg Boardman)

We’re joined this week by award-winning visionary artist, and co-creator of the “The Infinite Imaginarium” Meg Boardman. Self-taught, she been painting for over 25 years.

Tackling the role of content creator, Meg joined the FREE SPEECH social media platform during its inception stage, back in 2016. Here she met SatoriD, who was largely responsible for the “Minds Panel show”.

Central to the Minds panel show was the idea of encouraging anyone to either host, and/or provide original content. For Meg, the Alpha phase of’s evolution was not only very challenging, but also enormous fun. Endless trying new things, and heaps of experimentation, she also spent a lot of time dealing with bugs, launching groups, featuring promotional digital artwork, and producing engaging posts.

After the Minds Panel lost traction, she and SatoriD went on to create “The Infinite Imaginarium. Here, they aimed to produce a podcast where artists, writers, and creators could be featured on the show, while discussing their endless creative endeavours. A place for creators to connect with like-minded peers, the Imaginarium’s mantra is simply: CONNECT, COLLABORATE, and CREATE.

Along with all things arts related, our discussion will likely also explore the on-going problems with social media censorship, and BIG TECH “anti free speech” fascism.






Friday, October 30th – Episode#205

Annual World Halloween Round-table

Once again, we bring together a range of colourful WORLD personalities 2 discuss ALL things relating to Halloween a.k.a. Samhain.


Bee sure to have all your BEST spooky ghost & other misc spine-tingling stories ready!



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