Friday, July 13th – Episode #115

Sons and Daughters Of Liberty

(featuring Drew Lima)

Drew Lima is the driving force behind “Sons and Daughters of Liberty”, an open sourced online “LIVE STREAMING” intelligence node.


Friday, July 20th – Episode #116

ET Experiencer Nathan Tafoya

Lifelong ET contact “experiencer”, Nathan Tafoya joins us this week to discuss his years of otherworldly encounters.

A long time native of Southern California, Nathan’s entry into the world defied the odds. Doctors had told his mother childbirth would be biologically impossible. Miraculously, they managed to prove them wrong.

Over the course of our approximate 90 minute exchange, Nathan will try 2 better explain the difference between physical and “non-material” ET interactions.

Along with taking your questions and comments, we’ll also tackle telepathic channeling, “The Event”, and dreams. Last, but not least, Nathan will provide step-by-step details on how to actually make contact with extra-terrestrials ( if you dare ….. )


He can freely be contacted via SKYPE: @ ID = nathanieltafoya

Friday, July 27th – Episode #117

Angel Espino Returns!

Cast member at Spoof Radio, Show Host/Producer at Skywatchers Radio and Owner at P.S.N Radio, Angel Espino returns for another visit to the Robin Hood this week.

We’ve got a LOT of catching up 2 do, since the first show we archived back in October 2016.

Listeners can expect  conversation topics 2 include: all things UFOLOGY, Hip-Hop, pop culture, professional sports, podcasting, along with what it really takes to launch and manage an online alternative media network.