In the beginning, there was Lost Arts Radio …


Well, not entirely, but Lost Arts has been the single most powerful catalyst for positive change in my life so far. I discovered the show about two years ago, and haven’t looked at the world the same way since. I consider Richard Sacks, the creator of Lost Arts Radio, my first real mentor. His love for others and healing the planet is beyond words. I love what Lost Arts is doing so much, I started a discussion group just for the show and other healing topics:


  About 7 years ago, I became interested in organic gardening, which led to permaculture, herbal medicine, yoga, and metaphysical exploration.  I’m 33, and my daughter, Alex, is 10.  We attended many workshops together over the summer, to learn practical skills like composting, organic fruit tree growing, and how to identify wild edibles. Here I am in my favorite pose, that I learned from my early years as a gymnast: Here’s my Minds channel, in case you’re interested:

Thanks to helping Lost Arts scout like-minded #podcasters, I came across Chance, fellow Missourian and creator of the INNERVERSE podcast. Innerverse is a high frequency, super inspiring show. Chance is definitely doing the “Great Work” as he calls it. We were able to meet in person at the Darkening of the Sun festival in St. Claire, Missouri, during the eclipse this August! Check out his artwork: And now I’m doing my best to navigate the “high digital seas” with Pirate Radio Podcasts™.  I’ve been a social media junkie for a while, but before Japhy found me, I was floating around the alternative health and geoengineering realms trying to share any information that could possibly help people take their power back. I’m discovering there are hundreds, probably thousands of people like me, who want to do something about the covert challenges we face. What we need is to team up and organize ourselves to become independent of the “power structure” as Richard Sacks calls it. And it may only take a small, dedicated percentage of us to turn this ship around.

The synergy is amping up. Can you feel it?