Monthly Support Options

I’ve created a couple of monthly support options that are very reasonable for individuals and small businesses that can provide you and I with a minimum commitment level that I believe is a fantastic deal.

In this way we can commit to a basic support level that ensures my availability when you need it, automatically every month.

To purchase a support level, choose your level then click “Get Support” button to make a payment through Paypal. My Paypal is the same for TommyShutter as it is for Free People Of the Cosmos, so you wind up with a tax-deductable purchase.

Monthly Support Options

When you are directed to Paypal, you will see that my PayPal Account is “Free People Of The Cosmos”. This is because I only have one account and it’s also used by Free People Of The Cosmos, a space and science fellowship that I run.

Tier 1 Support

This is a basic package, and best suited for most individuals and small businesses.

By committing to a Tier 1 Support package, you’re getting a %50 discount off my normal hourly charge of $75/hr.

And if your needs exceed what is covered by Tier 1, I’ll always let you know in advance.

This support package is only $75/month for 2 hours of my time on your website.

Tier 1 Includes:

  • Website checkups every month (plugin updates, statistics reports)  (30min value)
  • Website content update (1 hour value)
  • A graphic promotional flyer you can use on social media, or anywhere (1 hour value)
  • Rollover of unused time. This means you can accumulate unused hours, up to a maximum of 1 hour per month. That means if you don’t make a request for changes or services for the month, or use only an hour, you get to roll-over an hour of time into the next month.
  • Reduced rate on service charges for time you need from me beyond the basic rate. So if you need me for more than just a couple of hours, I give you a reduced rate of $65/hr for additional time.
  • Priority over non-support customers
Tier 1 Support Plus

This includes everything in Tier 1 but I add a subsection, literally a sub-website on my website that showcases links and information to your website.

This goes way beyond just a couple of links. This essentially adds a sub-section to my website here at that allows you to add content in the same way you would add and manage it on your own website.

You’re essentially getting a sub-website as a “child” site of this website.

You’ll have your own login and be able to modify the theme to match your own website. In this way, you can network right off of the domain.

Individuals and businesses that come to will be able to see more than just a few links or comment about you and your business, it’s essentially your website on the domain and fully customizable as you need it to be.

Say for example you have a YouTube or social media feed you’d like more exposure for, you can pull it right into your own sub-site here on

This additional feature is only an additional $25/month.

Tier 2 Support

This is the same as Tier 1 Support Plus but adds 2 hours to the amount of time purchased, for a 4 hour monthly value.