Pirate Glossary


Pirate Radio Podcasts™ is our NEW network’s flagship communication enterprise. Featuring fascinating guests from ALL walks of life, we aim to encourage podcasters to join together in the spirit of community, while braving the open digital seas. 

The English “pirate” is derived from the Latin term pirata and that from Greek πειρατής (peiratēs), “brigand”, in turn from πειράομαι (peiráomai), “I attempt”, from πεῖρα (peîra), “attempt, experience”.

Pirates were free men and women, who lived lives of autonomy and adventure, directing their ships where they wished, staying in idyllic islands for however long they wanted, taking whatever they needed to survive and prosper.

Tired of a world full of redundant rules, regulations, boundaries, shackles & borders?  Now is the time to seize upon what ever nuggets of knowledge we need to survive, while sharing the excess spoils with our adventure seeking family.

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