January 2018
January 2018

January 2018

Friday, January 12th – Episode #89

Grant Cameron and Charlie Redstar

Returning once again 2 Pirate Radio Podcasts™, Veteran Canadian UFOLOGIST Grant Cameron joins us for our 1st official show of 2018!


A wave of UFO sightings struck southern Manitoba in 1975, with possible connections to U.S. missile defense operations.

In 1975, Manitobans reported UFOs over their province almost nightly. The string of unprecedented sightings launched the biggest UFO craze in Canadian history. With sightings for well over a year, one object seen again and again became known as Charlie Red Star.

Grant Cameron was there. He witnessed Charlie Red Star many times, and led tours for others to see for themselves. He also caught wind of rumours of nuclear testing south of the Canada-U.S. border, which might have been the cause of the unexplained phenomena that was sighted in the upper atmosphere.

This is the story revealed by eyewitnesses, photographers, and reporters chasing down the truth behind these still-unexplained encounters with UFOs



Friday, January 19th – Episode #90

We're joined this week by yet another of Minds.com's more intriguing & colourful personalities: Grimachu

Our conversation promises 2B both lively and diverse, as we hash over all things from current events, internet, pop, and gaming culture, 2 his “Postmortem” Studio project.








Friday, January 26th – Episode #91

Minds World Indie Music Showcase 3.0

For the 1st time in 2018, we gather together some of the BEST INDIE music Minds.com has to offer.



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