The root meaning of “Pirate” in English is to “attempt, or experience”.

Lots of different things come to mind when one thinks of your stereotypical pirates: drunkenness, eye patches, wooden legs, walking the plank, brutality, beards, parrots, violence, whoring and more drunkenness. For some, that’s the appeal, being rowdy, yelling arrrrrr and using a veritable treasure trove of colorful dialogue. But perhaps there is also a deeper meaning to the appeal of pirate culture today.

Pirates were free men and women, who lived lives of autonomy and adventure, directing their ships where they wished, staying in idyllic islands for however long they wanted and took what they needed to survive. In today’s modern world full of rules and regulations, boundaries, borders and patrols, such a lifestyle speaks powerfully to our own inner human needs for independence and freedom from the powers that oppress us and make us work 9-5 in a gray cubicle so we can pay off the mortgage. With our economic structure crumbling around us, you can stand in the rubble and wonder if it was all worth it: not only are all your savings and material possessions gone, but you wasted your life trying to get this stuff and the only memories you have are of your drab workplace.

To all you Free Men and Women, swimming out there in the digital sea, wanting to attempt to experience something NEW, different, dynamic, and ready to help foster what you need to survive and flourish in this brave new digital world:

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1st Mate – Mr. Anderson

2nd Mate – Alchemy Doll

Quarter Mistress – Amanda Thurston

Ship’s cook, & galley gourmet – Coco Park


Ship’s Navigator: Drew Lima

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Chief Of SecurityKaiser Shuff

Missouri Musketeer – Emily Anderson


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