Friday, December 2nd

Episode #86  (Renaissance Man – Doug Stuber)

This week, our guest is none other than fellow Korea-based expat, world traveler, & all around Renaissance man Doug Stuber.

An award winning poet, accomplished artist, musician, journalist & professor, Stuber has also managed 2 exhibit, read, teach and play music clear across the globe.

The former Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown speech writer even claims 2 have a beautiful sleeping fan, though it’s kinda got him in trouble; especially that one night back in Lynchburg, VA

Along with discovering how Japhy & Doug first managed 2 cross paths back over the Autumn of 2013, listeners can pretty much expect a wide ranging & colourful 90 minute or so mix of an Asian brewed “Pirate” pot pourri.

International art forum WithoutBorders


Friday, December 8th, 2017

THE BEST of 2017!

We scour & HUNT thru the archives this week, making every effort 2 track down the BEST, most intriguing, and captivating show segments from the past year.

WHICH episodes and guests do YOU remember BEST?

Together, we cast our eyes to future horizons in preparation for this year’s “Operation Secret Santa“, along with all the hopes, promises, & challenges 2018 stands to bring.


December 15th & 22nd, 2017

Operation Secret Santa (2017)

Formally kicking off on December 15th, “Operation Secret Santa” ( #OSS ) is a world grassroots, “strictly people driven”, Christmas charity telethon-styled INTERNET campaign. Referral marketing ( or what is otherwise known as “word of mouth” ) is central to its functioning; with ALL money, donations and the like going DIRECTLY to the needy who are selectively sponsored.

The 4 main categories of participants we are LOOKING for include: 1) “LIVE” streaming WEB show hosts, guests, speakers, producers, promoters & performers; 2) “Operator” ELVES (making their lists & checking them twice); 3) Secret Santa “sponsors”; and 4) people in ANY place across the world who find themselves in need.

This year’s organizers are presently working on mobilizing & building upon last year’s preliminary successes. Donation limits are capped at a suggested price value of $1000.