Episode #47 – David Zimbeck


Episode #20 – DA Zimbeck

(Crypto-currencies, smart contracts, digital BONDS)

Courtesy of SatoriD


Digital lives of autonomy and adventure:


mindsfree is an independent social network with a rapidly growing community

You vote on how it evolves. You control the data. You control the code. You earn greater viral reach for using it. You make the money.

We are a free, open sourced and encrypted social networking platform for both desktop and mobile. The Minds technology stack is the result of years of development to create a truly transparent, secure, scalable, and modern social engine.

You earn a digital currency of “BOOSTER” points for every vote, comment, upload and share, which can then in turn be exchanged directly for views of your content; 100 points = 100 views. These points can either be exchanged with Minds, or directly P2P with other users in exchange for shares.

We also allow users to exchange money for sharing each other’s content. Think of it as peer-to-peer advertising. No middle-man. If there’s a page with a million fans in your target market you can directly send them an offer to share your content.

We want to empower you to be successful online by providing tools to make money, be secure, and increase your visibility.