Mary Carmel | 12.25.2016



As we march toward the New Year, it is most important that we understand how we have been kept on a constant diet of war since the end of WWII. I will be addressing the role that the US has played for the globalists since we asserted our independence at a later date, but this video is pertinent information for those that do not understand the history of the blatant, illegal wars that have been raging across the globe, and how Western governments have manipulated the public into accepting this as a necessary evil, in the name is Democracy.

The creation of the US Military Industrial Complex was no accident, and the destruction it continues to leave in it’s path must end. This is not about the American people, it is about Washington DC, a “front” for the global elite war machine. In fact they have now waged war upon Americans as well as Europeans et al … In these turbulent times we must address the perpetrators correctly. It is NOT the US people, nor is it the Europeans, nor citizens of NATO countries, as no one has condoned these wars. To the contrary we have protested against them vehemently. In the end, it is the three cities that control all wars past and present … London, Vatican City, and Washington DC.