Friday, June 2nd


w/ Carolyn Rose Goyda

Operation Earth Angel

Missouri, USA


Friday, June 9th – Episode #64

John Ford 2017 UFO Political Prisoner Round-table

From the ARCHIVES (our 2016 episode)

The John Ford Initiative – Free John Ford Now



Friday, June 16th – Episode #65

InterdimEnsional Art sTUDIO

I am an abstract energy impulse in a human body.

I walked into this female human body in October of 2001, when the previous occupant died.

My true nature is neither male nor female, but encompasses the totality of consciousness. I am part of a consciousness collective of hyperspace beings with whom I am telepathically connected.



Friday, June 23rd – Episode #66’s SatoriD

w/ ALL things Infinite Imaginarium ( and beyond )



Friday, June 30th – Episode #67

Ayahuasca & South American Shamanism

feat. Alan Shoemaker & Peter Gorman

12th International Amazonian Shamanism Conference

July 15th – 21th, Iquitos Peru