Friday, March 3rd

Episode #51 – Bo “King Of The Road” Keeley

Long time American adventurer, naturalist, holistic healer, veterinarian, professional athlete, commodities market consultant, independent author, and executive tour guide; who in 2000 left civilization for a desert burrow in southern California, before becoming a world-traveling expatriate in 2009.


Friday, March 10th

Episode #52 – Fukushima Special


Friday, March 17th

Episode #53 – Valkyrie of Freedom

Refreshing insights & opinions from a bright young up and coming online personality


Friday, March 24th

Episode #54 – Helping DPRK Refugees

(w/ Casey Lartigue Jr.)

Teaching North Korean Refugees (TNKR co-founder, Casey Lartigue Jr.) joins us this week. Over the course of our – PRE-RECORDED – 90 plus minute journey, we navigate a virtual minefield of issues, including: hijacked jet airliners, Dennis Rodman, WEED in North Korea, the Lazarus effect, flagrant disinformation, cashing in on personal tales of suffering, helping to make a difference, & stories of genuine SUCCESS.


Friday, March 31st

Episode#55 – William Ramsey Returns!