Friday, November 3rd – Episode #82



Friday, November 10th – Episode #83

Minds World Indie Music Showcase (#MWIMS 3.0)

Submission prerequisites
  • Minds profile
  • copyright / royalty FREE music
  • QUALITY content & production

The Captain has granted us a little SHORE LEAVE this week, for anyone who’s wondering.

Taking a break will hopefully give the crew a chance to catch up on the major back-log of POST production work, while generating further PATREON feature content, & related charity funds.

Not ALL is lost, however, as we aim 2 present a LIVE & INTERACTIVE “ENCORE” rendition of our recent conversation with Bellingham, Washington based INDIE hard rocker & author Thomas Duder.


Friday, November 17th – Episode #84

Fortean Talks

We’re joined this week by UK based personality – Rowan Risoliere aka Fortean Talks: writer and presenter of Fortean, political, and Cornwall, England based shows.





Friday, November 24th – Episode #85

JFK FILES (2017 ALL-Star Round-table)

Potentially featuring any number of well known JFK research authors, speakers & luminaries, including John Barbour, Robert Morningstar, Judith Vary Baker, and Carmine Savastano.