My Journey ~ WPRPN ~ on Blogger

My Journey ~ WPRPN ~ on Blogger

November 2019

We are Pirate Radio Podcasts™, flagship to the wider WPRPN™ network.

World Pirate Radio News (Segment #76)

If you have a story you reckon the world needs to know more about, something the MSM has largely ignored, whether it be politics, religion, pop culture, health, activism, lifestyle or the paranormal: pretty much ANYTHING goes.

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↓↓ Friday, November 8th, 2019 (Episode #165)

Targeted Individual – Deserie #Foley


Deserie is the assistant director to #PACTS, International (People Against Covert Torture and Surveillance).  PACTS International started in December 2015, when a group of concerned targeted individuals met in support of our freedom from covert electronic torture and harassment.

     If the idea of wi-FRY and 5G technology doesn’t bother you much now, it probably will by the end of the show.



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October 2019

October 2019

Showtimes 8 pm PST (11 pm EST) Tuesday and Friday Nights

Wednesdays and Saturdays @ 12 PM NOON (Tokyo and Seoul)





Friday, October 4th, 2019 (Episode #160)

Seraphic Transport (Cult Awareness, Urantia, and MORE)

This week’s guest is none other than social media and cult awareness personality, Seraphic Transport (aka Laird Scott).

Raised a mid-west atheist, in 2007, “Scotty’s” search for spiritual and philosophical truth led him to Arizona. The following year, he fell in with a group of desert based new-age hippies claiming to practice the teachings of #Urantia.

Laird soon began studying their scriptures in earnest. No stranger to the world of mixing, recording and engineering, even their high-end recording studio and live music venue seemed a perfect fit.

Over time, however, it became evident some things were not entirely the way they should be.

Concluding the cult leader: “Gabriel of Urantia” was the target of DoD, NSA, and even CIA mind control technologies, Laird managed to break free in 2015, and has since published his blistering expose, entitled simply “Urantiagate.”

These days, he continues 2 actively study the Urantia Book, while exposing the heretical cult of Gabriel, mind control, and the secret elite groups pulling the strings from behind the scenes.

Social media links:



Friday, October 11th, 2019 (Episode #161)

Rob Homrich (Revelations & The Age of Apocalypse)

Returning to the Robin Hood once again, this week’s guest is none other than Rob “Vitruvian Man” Homrich.

Our main focus? Revelations and the Age of Apocalypse.

As such, we’ll explore a whole number of related areas, including:

- What if the Book of Revelations was really just a metaphor for events that occurred thousands of years ago?

- What if the Anti-Christ was really just a metaphor for our modern system of government?

- What if “The Beast that rose up from the Sea” was really just a metaphor for admiralty law (“the Law of the Sea”)? 



Friday, October 18th, 2019 (Episode #162)

Mischa Popoff (The Culture Wars & Beyond)

A Texas based free-lance author, Mischa has published in The Daily Caller, Breitbart and Culture Wars magazine.

He reached out to us a couple of months ago, suggesting we could likely manage to produce a decent quality, info-packed show.  As such, we’ll aim 2 discuss all things relating to his personal life’s journey, the so-called “Culture Wars“, LOGOS, LGBTQ, and the hidden historic role of jewish Bolshevist power.

Rejecting most modern day online social media, Mischa always follows the comment section, for a few days, 
after any interview.  If you have any further questions, his EMAIL is simply



Friday, October 25th, 2019 (Episode #163)

Halloween (Samhain)

Get ready folks!

This year we’re launching a special “double featureHalloween themed production.

Our two guests include: #1 – author Keith Linder

After moving into a house with his girlfriend, the two Washington state residents suddenly began

to experience bizarre phenomenon. Keith joins us this week. with his version of events as found

in the best selling “Bothell Hell House.”

and #2 – Secret Door Podcast host Melissa Martell




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May 2019

May 2019

Friday, May 3rd, 2019 (Episode #143)

Robert Sullivan IV

Returning to the airwaves this Friday night, May 3rd, 2019,
starting @ 8 pm PST/11:00 pm EST is none other than Robert W. Sullivan IV.


Over the next approx. 90 minutes, we’ll discuss anything ranging from Freemasonry, philosophy, symbolism,

the Book of Enoch, and American history.

Time allowing, we’ll further explore the area of esoteric themes and imagery in both movies, and popular culture as a whole.

A philosopher, historian, antiquarian, jurist, mystic, lay theologian, radio-TV personality, writer, lawyer, and best-selling author, Mr. Sullivan is also a 32nd degree Freemason.

A lifelong Marylander, he currently resides in Baltimore.



Friday, May 17th 2019 (Episode #144)

Svetlana Savinkova

Joining us from out of the You-Tube peanut gallery, personality, Alberta native and WPRPN™ network benefactor Svetlana #Savinkov.

Over the next approx. 90 min we’ll explore a whole multitude of areas, inc. online censorship, the current state of social media, political correctness, WW2, and the dark history of Kanada’s Doukhobors.



Friday, April 24th, 2019 (Episode #145)

Robert Morningstar

Civilian intelligence analyst and New York City based psychotherapist,
Robert Morningstar returns to the Robin Hood this week.

An expert in Chinese language, history, and martial arts, Robert received a degree in psychology from Fordham University, and is an FAA-licensed pilot and Instrument Ground Instructor with 25 years of flying experience.

It’s been a while now since we last talked to Robert, so we have a lot of catching up to do.  From JFK to the world of UFOLOGY, all things Trump and more, the conversation could very well lead us in almost any direction.

This is another one you won’t want to miss!



Here’s our archived AFTER show from last year.

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Freelance JOB Opportunity (Audio Post-Production)

Freelance JOB Opportunity (Audio Post-Production)


While we're managing, more or less, 2 keep up with our weekly "LIVE STREAMING" Friday night feature show production, 
we're also now on the HUNT 4 someone: a #tech #navvie #INTERN of sorts.


Working mostly from “behind the scenes”, POST production of EACH 1 HOUR “Rogues Gallery” After-show #RGAS will be rewarded with:

#1 – FIVE (5) MINDS TOKENS; #2 – a #bootleg copy of your efforts; #3 – And a hearty personal PIRATE shout-out during our weekly Tuesday night

(Wednesday, 12 PM NOON in Asia) news stream.

Bottom line, it's a handsome little GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY "feather" in anyone's professional digital seafarers cap & resume.


Given the heavy work load, and relative time constraints we’re currently dealing with, our level of #PATREON output, sadly is faltering.

This is especially tragic, since 1/2 of ALL revenue we generate, in accordance with the #ROBINHOOD philosophy, is targeted directly for charity, & community redistribution.

#WWRHD ?????

If you reckon you're up 4 the task, or have any questions, feel free 2 send us a PM 
or EMAIL: /, and we can talk more re: the details.

Captain “Long John” Sinclair

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The Robin Hood’s Crew

The Robin Hood’s Crew


The root meaning of “Pirate” in English is to “attempt, or experience”.

Lots of different things come to mind when one thinks of your stereotypical pirates: drunkenness, eye patches, wooden legs, walking the plank, brutality, beards, parrots, violence, whoring and more drunkenness. For some, that’s the appeal, being rowdy, yelling arrrrrr and using a veritable treasure trove of colorful dialogue. But perhaps there is also a deeper meaning to the appeal of pirate culture today.

Pirates were free men and women, who lived lives of autonomy and adventure, directing their ships where they wished, staying in idyllic islands for however long they wanted and took what they needed to survive. In today’s modern world full of rules and regulations, boundaries, borders and patrols, such a lifestyle speaks powerfully to our own inner human needs for independence and freedom from the powers that oppress us and make us work 9-5 in a gray cubicle so we can pay off the mortgage. With our economic structure crumbling around us, you can stand in the rubble and wonder if it was all worth it: not only are all your savings and material possessions gone, but you wasted your life trying to get this stuff and the only memories you have are of your drab workplace.

To all you Free Men and Women, swimming out there in the digital sea, wanting to attempt to experience something NEW, different, dynamic, and ready to help foster what you need to survive and flourish in this brave new digital world:

Join The Crew (Leave a Comment)



1st Mate – Pirate Larry

2nd Mate – Reverend Jim

Quarter Mistress – Amanda Thurston

Ship’s cook, & galley gourmet – Coco Park

Ship’s chief communications officer (CCO)

Japhy Ryder


Chief Of SecurityKaiser Shuff

Ship’s Navigator: Drew Lima

MP3 Archive

Missouri Musketeer – Emily Anderson

Night Watchmen

Dr J. Radio Live

“Pirate” Joe (South Korea)

“Pirate” Joe (Long Island, New York)

Minds Gaming


Ship’s Shaman



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